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Project presentation


In the last decades a lot of areas in Romania have been subject to exceptional flash floods that have caused significant floods.

These floods endangered economic sectors, lead to loss of human lives and goods.

For example, in 2005 in Romania , 1734 settlements were affected by floods, with an estimated value of loss of goods of 1.4 billion Euro and 76 casualties.

Currently in Romania there are under way a series of projects regarding the protection against floods and the mitigation of damage caused by them. “Forward Integration of Flood Warning in Areas Prone to Flash Floods” represents phase II of the Pilot Project from Central and Eastern Europe “The Study of Historic Floods Regarding the Integrated Flood Management” in the framework of Associated Programme on Flood Management. The project was initiated in Romania by the Global Water Partnership (GWP – Ro) with the financial support of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

The technical expertise and the specific studies associated to the project were made by a specialized staff from the National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management, Romania .

The project has the following main objective: the adaptation of a warning system of the population in case of flash floods, for the Upper Teleajen Representative Basin (Cheia). [CLICK HERE FOR AREA MAP]



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